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ALPINE - 5 and 4 star coaches

"ALPINE" - 5 and 4 star coaches

Coach Design has pieced together an assortment of new ideas from all areas of automotive design around the world to launch the all new 2009 coach.

New features include a smooth-line grill, European style rear end, a new modern dash with appealing ergonomics for the driver, complete moulded fiberglass toilet module and air-craft style moulded ceiling. Passenger leg room and seat comfort have been a priority and so each coach is engineered to meet these objectives. Only high quality seat belted seats are used with a wide range of different designs, fabrics and leather to choose from to suit the customer needs.

All coaches built comply with the very stringent Australian design rules which cover the main safety features like roll over standards, seat belted seats, anchorage points and emergency exits.



Thirty years ago, the only vehicles of this type were looking after the tourist trade travelling the shores of Fraser Island off the Queensland coast.

It did not take long before tour operators could see there was also a huge potential in all types of 4x4 tourism travel to all parts of remote Australia. They also knew they had to supply the comfort and quality that most travellers would expect. The Coach Design 4x4 Safari standardised its range to full width vehicles to allow double seating to be as good as a tour coach. Today’s vehicle boasts all the modern features like TV-DVD, road-camera, reclining seats, hot water urn, chilled water fountain, fridge, toilet and finished in luxurious woollen trims.

These vehicles are built to suit the customer needs with a high quality finish whether it is going to be beach work or bush safari.



After travelling on many test-drive tours of the Safari coach to all parts of our beautiful remote country, we could soon see that there was a better and more comfortable way to take the trip than in a conventional four wheel drive car.

The 4x4 Safari Motorhome was born, using the same engineering designs and body/chassis mounting techniques already proven in the Safari coaches. With the same ease and comfort as the highway type motorhome, this one could also take to the sandy beaches, the rough corrugated bull-dust roads, creek and river crossings and do it with the adventure and ease that you would expect. Imagine being able to spend weeks on end in one of these fully self-contained units in places the adventurous 4x4 traveller could only dream of doing in such luxury.

The frame design on these vehicles has been grafted from the ADR roll over design of the safari coach and would withstand the most severe punishment handed out on the off road conditions. Exterior panelling is made from our own moulded shapes and is made from fibreglass. All the lower luggage doors are constructed from aluminium extruded frames with high impact aluminium panelling.

The roof section contains a roof-rack mounted to the rear to carry the two spare tyres recommended when going outback. A gantry winch is supplied to raise and lower the tyres. Three solar panels make up the front section giving more than enough power for most applications. Of coarse there is the air conditioning unit which is placed in the centre for even cooling.

The interior is constructed from only the best quality timbers and finished with a range of Warwick fabrics and leathers. All the usual features include large fridge, microwave oven, gas stove and oven, LCD television, toilet, shower, queen size bed, robe cupboards, upper storage cupboards, cabin warmer and the list can be endless to suit the most fussiest owner.

"GRADUATE" - 3 and 4 star buses

The new modern designs have also been transformed into the school bus area.

As Coach Design has moved into this all competitive market, it has released its 2009 model - the Graduate. This range comprises of similar styles to the luxury coach but has a lower floor height and a basic interior. To transport the kids, the interior needs to be bullet-proof and a different range of non-destructive materials are used. Most school buses are also used for school camps or charter work and these vehicles can be optioned up to suit the most fussiest of buyer.